Thanks for visiting my website!

I'm a British portrait photographer living in Amsterdam. Dave Pelham Photography officially started in 2013 and now I work all over the Netherlands and Europe.

Thanks to my two little divas, Myra (6) and Eva (4), my life is full of love, adventure and craziness.

I photograph because I am drawn to meeting people and knowing their stories.

Your story too.

What inspires me..?

People everywhere. Every shape. Every size. Nature. Beauty. Honesty.

I thrive on life and being around interesting people energises me.

Some of my favourite photographers are:

Marc HaydenVivian MaierAugust SanderAnton CorbijnJohn KeatleySteve Gerrard


My good old dad first showed me the ropes with a plastic camera in the late 80's and, well, something clearly stuck. I carry this childlike enthusiasm through to my work now. Every time I pick up a camera for fun or work I thrive on the artistic challenge, the experimentation, the endless possibilities, and the interaction it leads to. I'm compelled to make awesome, vibrant photographs. And photographs that mean something, that provoke emotion, that aren't merely impressive but make an impact.

I love real people, real personalities, real stories. The portrait photographer in me wants to see the real you. What makes you actually you. I'm a big extrovert, no longer get embarrassed and am full of empathy, so I'm confident we can make that happen. I want you to trust me with your portrait. Oh, and please don't ask me to photoshop your real age away.

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